Ads can be deceiving

Ads make a product or service seem amazing but when you go out and buy its crap. Some examples of this are fast food ads on t.v., magazines, and newspapers. Like Burger King or MacDonald’s have commercials for their burgers that look amazing and the burger is plump and juicy, but when you buy it, the burger is flat and dry. These ads are very deceiving and the site,, shows the ad and then shows what the food really looks like when you go out and buy it. I just realized that the site has food ads at the top and bottom of the pages, haha. The food may look amazing, but nine times out of ten, you will get something that looks completely different than the ads. Also, car ads on Auto trader or E-bay show pictures of cars that look clean and in good condition, but when you go to test drive it, the car has problems starting or you’ll find something wrong with it. You will also find scratches that you don’t find in the pictures or ads. Those ads are also deceiving. Another type of deceiving advertisement is infomercials. Almost everything costs $ 19.95 which seems like a good deal to some. When one sees the commercial, he or she might be amazed by the product and how it can make their lives easier. But when you buy the product the thing breaks or doesn’t even get the job done. I actually have an experience with buying something, a product that was on t.v. I bought this thing that would pop dents out of cars. So I tried it on my car and instead of popping the dent out right away, you had to wait a few minutes to pop the dent out. The thing just made the dent smaller until it couldn’t pull it out anymore. It wouldn’t even get the entire dent out. That was my first and last experience with infomercial products. If the ad looks too good to be true, then it probably is. My message is: don’t be easily fooled by ads and don’t buy products on infomercials.

Tone shamon


~ by english131blog on October 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ads can be deceiving”

  1. OK, Tone. You know, I always wondered about that dent popping device. And the URL you provided is an interesting one…

  2. I agree that nothing looks as good in reality as it does in the ads…ever. This is the most true with fast food. Nothing is ever made with the love that is shown in the ads.


  3. i agree with your blog post 100%. fast food companies make their products look so good on tv and in ads, but in reality, its quite disguisting.

    -matthew rosso

  4. In regards to the fast food ads, i remember reading an article a while back that illustrated the great lengths that go into a fast food photo shoot. Most of the stuff is either fake, held together with toothpicks, or a whole array of other things. Same goes with most other food advertisements. For example, in a lot of cereal commercials the milk is made of glue or some other substance so it doesn’t make the cereal soggy. Either way, I can’t complain about a double cheeseburger for $1.06.

    -Mike Stoll fa sho

  5. Right on. Advertisements are almost always deceiving and caych gulible people intgo buying their product. Alos with the fast fod industry, I have never seen a burger look the ones in the ads. The burgers placed in ads are the ones on steroids and have a manicure with makeup and what not. LOL. It is just to show that ad agencies will do almost anything in order to sell their product.

    Nate Jenkins

  6. I agree with ur blog, because nothing ever looks as good as it is advertised. Especially fast food!

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